Treat Every Sale Like An Olympic Bid! (PART 1)

Olympic bids are fascinating.  They galvanise the most creative and industrious minds from an entire city in an exhaustive campaign over several years, culminating in a single, heart stopping presentation.

The rewards are immense – the whole city infrastructure, mood of the people and future tourism can be dictated by the Olympic Games.  Leading up to the Sydney bid (2000), the Australians understood a thing or two about heat.

After the large contingent (over 100) of IOC delegates visited, they set up a PR campaign that saw a constant stream of news go straight to the inboxes and mailboxes of IOC delegates.  Every week, for over two years, IOC delegates would hear another unique angle about Sydney or Australia.

The Australians in charge of the bid wanted to keep the heat, and managed to do so, culminating in a successful announcement and a Games that put Australia firmly in the minds of most people around the globe.  The approach was so successful individual approaches to IOC delegates have since been banned.

In this example, keeping the Heat didn’t come cheap, involving a massive PR machine.  However, it worked to persuade, influence and inspire.

In sales we have to imagine that we are also winning an Olympic bid with each and every client that you want to close.  Keep in front of them in intelligent, articulate ways.  It will pay off.

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