Treat Every Sale Like An Olympic Bid (PART 2)

Even though you might have 15 concurrent bids of the same size, you have to let that customer know that they are top of mind with you and really keep that thermostat turned up.

At Natural Training we have a type of call known as a “J-TOY”, which stands for Just Thinking Of You.  Our salespeople are actively encouraged to sit back and think about a call, email, gift, article or some other way of contact that demonstrates to a client that you are thinking about them.

For example “Stephanie, I was just talking to my friend Mike about you and he said you might be interested in a great new podcast…”.

Or “Bill I was just thinking about what you said the other day regarding your sales guys not performing well in meetings.  I have this PDF that’s all about the way customers react…”

Now you’ve read it, go and do it.

Seriously.  Find something on the net that your 5 best prospective clients would love to read, and send it to them.  Let us know the result!

Note:  our sales training courses are some of the best in the UK – come along and see for yourself!

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