Trouble asking for the business?

Recently a friend in the home building trade said that he has trouble asking for the business. Here was my reply, which I thought I would print so that you might be able to pick up a few tips:


“John, I hope we’ve been able to communicate to you the benefits of Gieseck Homes? (get agreement, a nod, a yes) We are triple rated, we have taken the time to show you exactly how we would go about building your beautiful home, we have met several times and we are within your budget (recap highlights of why they should buy from you). Are you ready to proceed?” (close)

(and then shut up for as long as it takes to get an answer).

You will get a yes, or they will hit you with their final objection, which will probably be a fear that you have to work with them on. That’s where the softer, warmer, more encouraging “you” needs to momentarily take over from the “business you”. Try empathy, then a shot of common sense, then a bit of risk reduction:

“John, I understand how you feel – it’s a big decision. But it’s not a foolish one. You aren’t buying some fly by night scheme in the Costa del Sol – you are buying a beautiful family home that will be the same in 25 years as the day you move in. You are dealing with the owners of Gieseck – our customers love the way we are with them (slowly) every-step-of-the-way. Would it help if I put you in touch with any previous satisfied clients of ours?”

(yes/no, then close again).

“John, I have everything lined up for you – builders, contractors and everyone else needed to produce your home by June. All I need you to do is to authorise the XXXX form and we will swing into action. What do you say?”


And keep on repeating, keep on closing. For this to work you need to have ultimate confidence and belief in yourself, and you need to practise it with your colleagues or whoever until you get the tone and the words right.

Here’s someone with confidence

I know you can’t sell like him in your market, but note the dynamics happening behind the conversation. The rapport, the build-up, the milestone confirmations (high fives in this case), the proof, the touching/owning, the trial close, the inoculation of objections, the reproof, the close, the assuredness, the simplicity to buy. It’s a master class in psychology and persuasion behind the patter.

Be bold, and strategically adventurous. It will pay off – clients want to buy, they simply need a confident approach and the certainty of success.

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