Value Selling Questions

Value Selling Questions

From our Natural Value Series

PART 1: You Don’t Know Everything

PART 2: 5 Ways To Change Your Client’s World

PART 3: Are You All Talk And No Trousers?

PART 4:How To Prove Your’s Is The Best Service

Value selling is an important sales technique that relies on showcasing and building on the core value of your products. It is about de-emphasising price as the dominant force in the sale, and convincing customers that in your case, the premium/higher price is actually a better solution — a higher value.

Now that you have following the above Natural Value series, you are already a value selling machine. Here below are some check points and ideas to help you get started on your journey of successful value selling…

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  • Have an understanding/knowledge of their business and industry – what are you doing to ensure your guys are on top of the latest?
  • And have an understanding of your knowledge and value – through case studies, talking to customers, talking to delivery…
  • Think about the right questions, being consultative, listening and probing…


  • Ask yourself whether you/your colleagues accurately match the client’s concept of value with your offering?  Are you creative, different, or good at finding solutions?  Do you go above and beyond? Do you exceed expectations?
  • How are you articulating value?  (Challenge-Solution-Result, offers, communication).
  • How are you at proposal writing?  Do you always provide proof?


  • Does your delivery function meet the expectations that sales creates with the customer?
  • Do both sides of the business talk?  Is there a proper hand-over?


  • How do you measure your value?  (Along the value chain)  How do your customers measure value?
  • Are your sales/account service team able to articulate a clear business case back to the customer post-delivery?
  • Is that fed back to the salespeople in a useful way?   (That helps them attract more customers like that)


For more questions, or information about other value selling techniques, please contact one of our Training Consultants

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