Do you need to engage with clients longer, developing better relationships?  It might be time to advance your questioning skills.   In this Webinar we will cover:

  • How to structure your questions for maximum impact
  • 6 new question types that will help you find out the information you need
  • Techniques to listen closer, understand the detail and probe more successfully
  • Lots more including opportunities to interact with your coach, ask questions and receive feedback about your personal skill level and situation

Your coaches

Murray Cowell

Before specialising in training, Murray was employed by several blue-chip companies as diverse as IBM, Whitbread and Granada Plc. As a trainer, he has also worked with dozens of smaller companies across multiple sectors to bring the customer experience to life, and make big ticket sales. 

Murray’s “sales-floor to C-suite” experience enables him to relate to people at all levels in any organisation, and his lively, non-judgemental approach makes him a popular choice for solving problems and bringing fresh thinking to any situation.   


Emma Seaman

Emma has over 15 years in IT Sales and Management, managing Field, Telesales and Account Teams at organisations such as Yell, Symantec and Firebrand.  Emma will help you to engage and inspire customers to make the right decision based on your clever and naturally consultative sales process.

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