Are you feeling that your sales efforts aren’t getting the response from customers that you need?  While it’s good to have a nice chat with a customer, this might not be enough to get the deal done.  Instead, you might need to adopt some aspects of the Challenger profile.

In this Webinar we look at what Challenger means, and how you can meld parts of it with your natural selling style.

We distil down the top 5 learning points from the fantastic book, and give you ways to apply the learning and make it natural.  You will learn:

  • What sets the best sales reps apart in a complex sales environment and how to model some of your sales behaviours on it
    How do you create a differentiated sales experience?
  • The three great habits of a Challenger – teach, tailor, and take control – and how to apply them
  • The value of insight— how to develop new ideas to help customers either make money or save money in ways they didn’t even know were possible.
  • How to win not by “discovering” what customers already know they need, but by guiding them towards a new way of thinking
  • Lots more including opportunities to interact with your coach, ask questions and receive feedback about your personal skill level and situation

Your Coaches

Gab Galassi 

Gab is a dynamic and motivating sales training expert, who has worked in a variety of commercial roles in the broadcast industry including the BBC. Gabriele puts enormous passion into the design and delivery of training workshops, maintaining the learning experience at the heart of his goals.

This passion ignites the creativity of the individuals he trains, resulting in noticeable behavioural shifts.  His brings energy and enthusiasm to the training room motivating the team to participate, question and challenge their current approach and style, resulting in a renewed self-belief and confidence around the skills they are learning.

Sara Barker 

If anyone can motivate individuals and groups to communication and sales success, it’s Sara. She brings a huge depth of experience to all her programmes, helping you to really understand the requirements of a business and its people, then provide the right human solution to meet it.

Sara focuses on communicating for purpose and influence. She can show you how to create your own successful sales pitches and communication, using your individual style of presenting.  Sara recognises that you need more than just energetic and confident people selling your products, you need raving, product warriors who will fight your business battle and win.

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