Do you get nervous or feel unprepared when it comes to negotiating?  You’re not alone:  68% of the delegates to our training feel the same.  Not being effective at negotiations means that your prices are driven down, and your products are undervalued

In this Natural Webinar, discover:

  • Six principles of successful negotiations to help you protect your revenue margins and negotiate well, even with more experienced negotiators
  • Your personal negotiation profile and the likely impact you will bring to each negotiation.
  • The Natural Negotiation Dashboard – a planning sequence leading to negotiation success.
  • How to build value into your margins and negotiations with clever positioning statements.
  • Gain an understanding of negotiation buyer signals and body language, status and messaging
  • Lots more including opportunities to interact with your coach, ask questions and receive feedback about your personal skill level and situation

Your coaches 

Murray Cowell 

Murray is one of Natural’s leading negotiation coaches.   Murray has been training, coaching and designing for Natural since 2016 and during that time has helped dozens of senior sales teams to influence at the highest level.

Sara Barker 

If anyone can motivate individuals and groups to communication and sales success, it’s Sara. She brings a huge depth of experience to all her programmes, helping you to really understand the requirements of a business and its people, then provide the right human solution to meet it.

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