In our 15 years’ of experience providing telesales training one truth remains; phone sellers who are  physically and mentally organised for their craft enjoy a much higher sales success.

In this breakthrough webinar, learn how to set yourself up for success so that customers can feel they are receiving a call from a confident, clear and purposeful sales professional.

Outcomes include:

  • Today’s Prospecting:  Remote working, for both you and customer, has redefined phone prospecting.  Learn how to maximise your prospecting for today’s market conditions.
  • Purposeful Planning:  How 25 minutes of planning can make you 50% more successful during your sessions.
  • Purposeful Structure:  Structuring your day, and each call, to have maximum impact
  • Speaking with Purpose:  How your voice conveys your confidence and passion.  Words, content and delivery that sell.
  • Dealing with Rejection:  How to add more purpose to you as a person, which builds your own resilience and ability to cope with rejection, deal with objections, and smoothly move on to the next call.
  • And lots more, including opportunities to interact with your coach and receive some personalised coaching.

Your coach: Emma Seaman

Emma has over 15 years in IT Sales and Management, managing Field, Telesales and Account Teams at organisations such as Yell, Symantec and Firebrand.  Emma has helped dozens of telesales teams to reach record numbers of calls, talk-time and sales.

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