Be The Winner

Professor Graham Jones of the University of Wales has tried to understand more about mental toughness by extensively interviewing 10 elite athletes.

What did he find?

His blueprint for becoming elite in your own profession is:

1. You have unshakeable self belief.

2. You bounce back from setbacks with increased determination to succeed.

3. You know you are better than your opponents.

4. Your desire for success is overpowering.

5. You are fully focused on the task in hand.

6. You regain psychological control after unexpected events.

7. You ignore others’ performances and focus on your own.

8. You thrive on the pressure of competition.

9. You can block out personal problems.

10. You can switch your professional focus on and off.

How many of the above do you think apply to you? If there are a fair few that ring true, then you’re probably on the road to becoming elite.

Here at Natural Training, numbers 2, 4, 5 & 10 are most important to our culture, but every organisation is different.

What’s important to you and your organisation? Let us know at

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