Your Words!

You can’t change your product, your price or your company. You can’t change your colleagues, your resources or your boss. But you can change your words. You can make your words work harder, be more persuasive and change minds. Your words can make you rich. And the opposite is true…there are lots of brilliant people with life changing products and services who can’t get the words together to showcase their achievements.

Choose your words very carefully

There are some words that will do; and there are some that will pull their weight a lot harder to trigger needs and get to the heart of issues.

The key is certainty. For people to buy in to you, you must project yourself as 100% certain that what you are saying is right for your prospect.


  • Tentative language: maybe, perhaps, ____________________________________
  • A wavering voice
  • Conflicting messages


  • Certain language: absolutely, definitely __________________________________
  • A strong purpose!

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