Keep the ‘learning burning’ this year with some of our best content available in the Natural Webinar Series.  All our Zoom Webinars have the Natural Difference, with the latest sales strategies, wrapped up with the warm, human touch you expect from Natural.  There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and uncover techniques to suit your own natural style.

BESPOKE Webinars – A Customised Training Experience​

See the list below for webinars that will fit your team like a glove.  Included in the price of each webinar:

  • A consultation call to find your sales challenges, and a brief on team members
  • Customised webinar content including case studies, examples and your own built-in sales process
  • Bespoke joining instructions & value-added follow-ups including a management call with recommendations
  • 3 Lunch & Learn Sales Toolkits
  • Longer duration as required,  up to 4 hours.

Contact us to find out more, including integrating webinars into our normal transformational sales training programmes.

In-house Training

All of the below webinars can be tailored for a group within your company. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Sales Training



Selling Through Covid
Webinar 1: FOCUS - The Covid Client Matrix
It is possible to sell, and win, right now. In this Webinar, learn the Covid Client Matrix, which is a tool to help you apply focus and logic to your client list, and spend energy in the right way, with the right clients. Perfect for sales teams, Managers and Directors who need to sell now, and aren’t 100% sure how to execute in this market.
Selling Through Covid
Webinar 2: STRATEGY- Refining Your Approach
In Webinar Two, learn how to refine your value proposition to motivate clients to take action. There are breakout sessions to build your proposition, and for specialist sales coaches to give you personal advice.
Selling on ScreenSelling on video conferencing software and devices is different. In this Webinar Matt gives you some techniques that will drive more sales by being more professional, engaging and relevant on your chosen video-call platform (Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoTo, etc).
Secrets of Selling to Procurement Procurement doesn’t focus solely on price. They just want you to think that. In this breakthrough session we will give you loads of insights into how procurement people think, negotiate and make decisions, and how to influence their thinking both prior to and during a buying process.

Advanced Questioning Skills
Great questions open up relationships, stamp your credibility on the conversation, and finding out information that your competitors don’t know. In this session we take you through the secrets of brilliant questioning.
Sales FoundationsThis is a ‘nuts and bolts’ session to talk about the habits you need to develop to sell well, with your own natural style.
The Challenger Sale Don’t just sell, provoke your customer into acting. We distil down the top 5 learning points from the fantastic book, and give you ways to apply the learning and make it natural.
The Challenger Customer The follow up book to Challenger has some ingenious ways to ignite a buying committee, given that most larger ticket deals now involve over 5 client contacts. Learn the key lessons from the book, and how to apply them – naturally!
Selling to the C-Suite If you need to sell to Executives higher up the food chain, then learn how to find them, engage them and provide value to them. Based on a series of candid interviews and research with Execs at the highest level.
Selling with Stories Great stories sell! In this session learn a simple, proven structure for storytelling, create one yourself, and discover how to apply the structure in discussions, presentations and written stories.

Prospecting with Purpose
In this breakthrough webinar, learn how to set yourself up for success so that customers can feel they are receiving a call from a confident, clear and purposeful sales professional.
Persuasion and Influence How to persuade, influence and inspire clients and colleagues to take action.

Negotiating to Win
6 principles of successful negotiations to help you protect your revenue margins and sell well to more experienced negotiators.
Sales for Non-Salespeople If sales is a bit of a ‘dirty word’ for you, yet you are being asked to sell, then you might need to learn some simple techniques that fit with your own natural style.
Value Selling Skills If you’re continually challenged by clients on price, you need to turn the tables, protect your price and sell VALUE. Learn how in this session.
Selling through LinkedIn In times like this, your sales people need to be able to adapt how they engage and sell to customers. Did you know that 78% of sellers who are using platforms like LinkedIn are outselling their peers, and 84% of C-Level execs use social media to make a buying decision, In this practical webinar you’ll see how you can utilise LinkedIn through conversations, content and engagement to protect and increase your sales.
Building your Brand on LinkedIn With the online world evolving rapidly, particularly at times like this, it’s important to have a presence and brand that stands out from the crowd. In this webinar we’ll go through the foundations needed for building a brand on LinkedIn and ways in which you can develop yours over time, to generate more business opportunities.

Customer Service Training



Customer Service Excellence Learn the top 10 natural techniques for providing outstanding customer service excellence.
6 Ways to Double Your Client Revenue With the cost of client acquisition growing, it’s important to focus on increasing your wallet share per client. This session shows you simple ways to enable that.
Cross-selling and Up-selling If you are having trouble selling more of your products and services to your customers, then learn some of the latest techniques in this Webinar.
Sales Through Service How to develop profitable partnerships with outstanding service techniques, ideas and strategies that will help to you boost sales – through service!

Management Training



Focusing Teams During a Crisis During times such as Covid-19, fear and uncertainty can produce unhelpful and unproductive behaviours. In this Webinar, learn to steer the team towards a more positive day, week and future.
Having Difficult Conversations Learn a simple structure and method to have ‘difficult conversations’ with your team members, such as when a team member has continually ignored a Team/Company Standard.
Motivating Teams How to inspire your sales team to greatness using some proven motivational techniques.
Management Communication FREE WEBINAR
Communication is the central nervous system of management. We show you the main types of communication, when to use each, and how to achieve high performance with your team.
Hiring Sales Superstars Hiring sales people is tough. Hiring superstars is tougher. In this session recruitment specialist will be using her experience to talk about the best methods to hire superstars into your sales team.
Managing Upwards Top techniques to learn how to manage your Manager, which will help create a more smooth, productive and meaningful relationship.
Your Management Style How to adjust your style to suit the situation. This gives you more depth as a Manager, enabling you to have levers to pull for success.
Coaching Skills for managers Explore how to adopt a coaching attitude to your management conversations, receive practical advice and instructions on how to empower your teams and the people you manage to be independent high performers

Presentation & Communication Training



Presenting on Video Conferencing Platforms You can nail your next Video Conference Presentation by following these 6 principles on your chosen video-con platform (Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoTo, etc).
The Art of Presenting It’s simple – success flows to the best communicators. Discover all the Natural Training secrets in this brilliant Webinar.
Writing Skills – Emails and Proposals Are your emails and proposals having the client impact you need? In this Webinar we show you ways to ignite your writing, while paying some attention to time-honoured techniques such as clarity, brevity and accuracy.
Meeting on Video Conferencing Platforms Meetings on video conferencing can be poorly managed both in terms of time and output. In this Webinar, learn how to run a meeting in a professional, engaging way that makes people feel that their time has been well invested. (Zoom, WebEx, Teams, GoTo, etc).

General Training



Remote Control Webinar 1: Mindset Positivity in a PandemicHow we choose to react in a time of uncertainty, change or crisis can dramatically influence the outcome we achieve. Within this 1st thought provoking webinar, we provide participants with a practical framework for managing their mindset.

This framework is designed to help people; focus on the controllable areas, remain positive and adopt a solution-orientated attitude during a time of rapid change.
Remote Control Webinar 2: The Ultimate Home Office Set Up Within the 2nd webinar, we explore some home working realities, identifying strengths and gaps. Another implementable tool is introduced (REMOTE checklist), this provides a clear guideline of remote working best practices, that participants can benchmark themselves against.
Remote Control Webinar 3: Communicating with Impact RemotelyThe 3rd webinar centres on effective communication is a virtual world. Here we discuss the importance of getting our non-verbal communication (body language), tone of voice and words to working in harmony in order to make remote communication believable, engaging and impactful.
Remote Control Webinar 4: Optimising Productivity Remotely One of the biggest challenges that remote workers face is remaining focused and productive. Within this 3rd and final webinar we explore best practice techniques and tips on:

-Prioritising your time effectively to provide structure to the working day
-Identifying and managing ‘waste’ (non value adding actions) that impacts productivity
-How to proactively deal with distractions
Social Styles In Business How to Develop Rapport with More People, More Often: You have one of four natural, default social styles, and so do your customers. In this Webinar learn how to flex your style to have more impact on those around you.
Hogan Personality Inventory –Bright side, Dark Side & Values Receive a powerful feedback on your reputation (I.e. how others see you) based on 30+ years of science. After completing an online assessment, talk to an expert coach to discuss a bespoke action plan and how to best use this powerful tool, which describes your personality as it impacts others when you are at your best and when you perform under pressure. Hogan is a powerful tool to increase your performance and improve your career development.
Assessment + Coaching will priced separately
Emotional Intelligence Assessment + Coaching Emotional intelligence is a strong variable in your journey as a sales professional, a manager, a leader. Discover and discuss your emotional intelligence throughout TEIQUE+, a questionnaire developed to help you navigate how you self-regulate and empathise with others.
Assessment + Coaching will be priced separately
Building effective goals & habits Did you know 45% of our daily routine involves us relying on habits. Habits are the foundations for achieving your goals. Without the right kind of habits, you’ll never achieve your goals. In this webinar we’ll take you through the fundamentals required to set meaningful goals, the myths of goal setting and what to avoid when setting them, along with how to build new effective habits into your everyday.

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