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How Top Salespeople Don’t Let Slow Buyers Hold Them Back

Sometimes trying to get a firm commitment for WHEN from a prospect is the difficult bit! You need to know when a prospect can meet, when will a decision be made, and when can you deliver or install your product or service. That’s a lot of when’s you need to figure out. Over 50% of salespeople close…


Natural Training Wins National Customer Service Training Programme of the Year Award

WE WON!!! This afternoon (27th November) Natural Training won silver in The National Customer Service Training Awards 2015, in the Customer Service Training Programme of the Year category, with The Mall (Capital & Regional). The Award is for our Customer Experience programmes I & II – view case study here Natural Training worked with The Mall on…

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Don’t Assume Customers Want the Cheaper Option

Most salespeople, at one point in time or another, may have allowed their personal values to naturally creep into the discussion with a prospect or customer. A simple example happened to me just last weekend… I went to Debenhams in search of a high quality shirt to go with a new suit I’d recently purchased. There was a…

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Do You Feel You Spend Your Life Dealing With Objections?

Do You Feel You Spend Your Life Dealing With Objections? Objections are the least surprising, but often the most frustrating part of the sales process.  And small wonder – according to studies by numerous research groups such as Gartner and Reed Business, 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. Many newbies and some…

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Secure The Best Deals With These Negotiating Tips

Negotiations are natural, normal, and a good thing.  In some instances when the sales conversations have gone extremely well, they are simply a matter of finalising terms, of dotting a couple of i’s and crossing the t’s.  However, they don’t always run so smoothly as a prospect may want to hammer you down on price…

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5 Ways Presentation Skills Training Will Make You Money

As the front line “face” of your company, you represent everything it has to offer its customers. If you and your company want to be seen as industry leaders, your presentations need to go well beyond “good.” You need to be extraordinary. Presentation skills training is the best way to become an extraordinary speaker who…

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Increase Your Sales – Close with True COMMITMENT

In sales we need to fan the flames of the sale and move it forward with small, yet treasured moments of commitment. But how do we gain these moments of commitment? Here are some tips…

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Elevator Pitches Gone Wrong

An elevator pitch defines what your company does. It’s so useful, because it helps you at networking events, conferences, meetings to position yourself as something different to your competitors. Yet we often find that elevator pitches can be so generic and so vague that they have very little meaning. This happens because they get passed around…

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Be A Natural Salesperson

Want to join our team? We are always looking for great, smart, curious and natural people to help sell our services. For more information, visit here. Listen to Natural Training BDM John Limber talk about why you should join Natural… If you have any questions, please give me a call.

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Top Closing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Even for the most gifted and natural of salespeople, closing can be the most difficult part of the sales process. There are lots of places where it can all go pear-shaped and a single wrong move can torpedo your chances of making the sale. Improve your chances of closing every deal by avoiding these common mistakes…

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Don’t Confuse Your Clients

Is your sales process long and convoluted? If it is, you’re doing your clients a disservice that may make them turn to your competitor. Email inboxes can give you an idea of how much everyone has to juggle every day, and your client doesn’t need you to add the challenge of buying and implementing your…

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Don’t Let Mood Hoovers Suck The Life Out Of Your Organisation

Mood hoovers moan, complain and blame.  They drain the energy and vitality of a room faster than a leaky battery, and replace it with their own doom and gloom perspectives.  We all have bad moods and days when we feel less than one hundred percent, but mood hoovers permanently sit under storm clouds of negativity…

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Build On Your Natural Leadership Style

How well do you really know yourself and your leadership style? Are you a coercive, authoritative, nurturing, visionary, transformational or other type of leader? Whatever your leadership style, it is uniquely yours and drawn from your values, beliefs, personality and intrinsic qualities. This article isn’t about nature or nurture, whether leaders are born or made. …